Outkast – Coachella 2014 Full Set

I’m sorry, but did somebody say “Outkast”?  Last night, one of the most popular rap groups of all time rejoined forces on the main stage of Coachella.  Welcome to festival season, where beautiful things like this happen to the music world.  View the video below to see the full set – SK.

Artist – Dead Horse Beats

Love finding gems by accident.  I was just looking up instrumentals on hypem.com to listen to as a distraction from (not) writing my essay.  Stumbled upon Dead Horse Beats and found a chill electoswing man that comes with a unique feel.  Can’t put my finger on it, but I’m impressed and pleased with this relaxing turn of events for my ears.  Featured is his funky and totally unexpected remix of 50′s “In Da Club”, and following is his artist page on Soundcloud.  Hope you feel the same, but if not then happy searching! – SK.


Top Ultra Sets – UMF 2014

As I posted previously, “Jack U” aka Skrillex and Diplo tag-teamed UMF and stole the show.  However, let’s not forget the plethora of amazing DJ’s that played during the festival as well.  Below are some of the top performers at this year’s mega-party in Miami, so enjoy these sets when you have a spare hour to kick it! – SK.

“Jack U” (Diplo and Skrillex) – Ultra 2014 Set

Hello world, been busy traveling in Kenya for the past month or so.  Thought it would’ve been hard to catch up with all the music I’ve missed, but conveniently I just came back at the best time.  UMF 2014 was a success and went wild with sets from some of the biggest players in the EDM scene.  The best place to start for me was this combo of Diplo and Skrillex, and from what I’ve heard on the set they killed it like no other.  Two massive DJ’s combined for this jaw-dropper so give it a look and see where 2014 will be taking us – SK.


Still sumbling upon some cool jams while in Kenya.  Check out this latest assortment! – SK.


Hey everyone, still alive some 7,000 miles away.  Found a few minutes out of the busy day to scavenge the web for some sounds and this is what I found.  What about you guys? – SK.

Wild Wednesday

It’s wild because I’m in the jungle of Africa.  Well, not quite but it’s closer than usual: I am currently in Kenya to a semester abroad! I haven’t had much time to catch up on the latest releases within the electronic dance music scene because I have been immersing myself in a completely different culture.  However, I have taken two or three hours out of this past week to look, and this is what I have found! (Many familiar names, get excited).  Until next time, swing it ’round and ’round!  Miss ya’ll – SK.



Haven’t posted in awhile, figured I should start out the new year right with a heavy hitter. Enjoy.